Bernie Saulnier

Bernie Saulnier Jr. has always had a knack for the construction business—one could even say it’s where he’s in his element. Growing up in Leominster, Massachusetts, Saulnier is a third generation builder, who followed in the very capable footsteps of his father, grandfather, and great grandfather.

Bernie’s father managed projects for a company by the name of L.H. Hewett which is where he first discovered his fascination for all things construction.

So when Bernie entered the Wentworth Institute for Construction Management in 1989, he found a place where he could use his curiosity and natural talent to get a killer education in the field. After graduation he worked several constructions jobs and became fully licensed in Massachusetts.

So now, after more than 27 years in the industry, Bernie is using his experience and unique perspective on the industry to launch Saulnier Development focusing on projects in Maine and Massachusetts.

As Bernie likes to say “if I wouldn’t want to live or work in it, I’m not going to build it.”

Since 1994

Bernie Saulnier has been a Massachusetts Licensed General Contractor since and he brings construction expertise and extensive design and permitting experience to any project team. Knowing that the finer crafts are timeless, Bernie’s mission is to make craftmanship the hallmark of his products.

Saulnier Development projects in Maine and Massachusetts range from painstaking renovations of historic mills to loft condominiums, and rental properties to custom multi-million dollar residential construction.

And he and his team would love to put their experience to work for you.

Our Skills & Expertise

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